Equine Center

The Sole Abscess

A relatively frequent call I receive is from a horse owner with a horse that was fine yesterday evening but is toe touching lame this morning. The lameness is …

Equine Sarcoids

Sarcoids are an old, frustrating problem. They are rarely, if ever, life threatening but they are unsightly and disfiguring and they have a habit of occurring in places that …

Wound Care

Treating wounds is one of my favorite things to do as a veterinarian. It is often a very demonstrable way to appreciate the healing capacity of the body. Especially …

Core Vaccines

I walked out to the barn a few evenings ago and heard something that made me stop and listen. It could have been the whine of a distant train …

The Colic Exam

Colic in horses can be a frightening and gut-wrenching ordeal (literally). If you have horses and have not already dealt with this emergency, eventually you likely will. Over the …

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